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Sotto: Stars, science, and the environment

“Sotto le Stelle” means “Under the Stars” in Italian. As an amateur astronomer, Wim Schmidt combines his knowledge about measuring light with a heart for his surroundings. Through specialization in a narrow field, Sotto le Stelle can provide an integral solution to all aspects of light pollution.

Wim Schmidt studied physics/astronomy for a number of years. As a professional psychologist, he was long active in art education to bring children in contact with art. His specialization was photography, which comes in handy now that he records the nights of Holland in data and pictures.

At fifty he established his own company. For 8 years he has been active to introduce the concept of light nuisance in the Netherlands, to give the subject the serious respect it deserves and to make the Netherlands a bit more beautiful.
Wim regularly appears in the Dutch media. Here are two programs shown, where Wim is portrayed.

De Wandeling
The television program 'De Wandeling' of October 2010 has a potrait of Wim ( in Dutch):

Derde Testament
Also the Dutch program 'Derde testament' had in 2009 interest in Wim:

Sotto works together with:

- Lumineux Consult
This bureau is specialized in modeling light.

- Licht en Donker Advies
This bureau assists in the juridical route and the communication.

Wim Schmidt is member of the light nuisance commission of the Dutch lighting organization: Nederlandse Stichting voor Verlichtingskunde (NSVV).

Wim Schmidt is active in the Platform Lichthinder and the International Dark Sky Association. Platform Lichthinder is the central organization in the Netherlands, which advocates the conservation of darkness as a quality of our surroundings: www.platformlichthinder.nl. The International Dark Sky Association is the international cooperative of all organizations active in the world in this field.

Sotto le Stelle,