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Merwedeplantsoen 27
3522 JS Utrecht
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Monitoring the night sky

At the Southside of the city Utrecht, two light measuring devices were installed in October 2009: SQM-LE of Unihedron and a Lichtmeter Mark 2.3.
Both measure the light of the night sky every night.

The SQM-LE ( at the right on the picture above) is locked in a cylinder with a transparent deck, so it can measure in all weather situations. The SQM-LE measures the point straight up (zenith).

The Lichtmeter Mark 2.3 ( left at the picture) was self-sealed to measure permanently. It measures the entire sky, during both night and day.

Each month the interesting nights will be explained.

Explanation of the results
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The frequency tables 2009-2013 of the SQM-LE meters

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