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What do the nights in Holland look like?

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Most people do not know the Netherlands by night. Where is the most light and where is it still really dark? Using maps, pictures and measurements, Sotto pictures the Netherlands at night.

Most of the Maps are made by Sotto and some other parties.
The Photo’s, which depict the whole sky are made by Sotto, as the pictures here above.
Since October 2009 Sotto le Stelle measures permanently at a location in the south of the town of Utrecht, the luminance of the sky, see Monitoring darkness. Under all weather conditions, the light is measured here. In this way can be inquired, what is the long term development of the light pollution in the Netherlands. Is the light pollution still increasing every year? Since the spring of 2011 the installation is also included in the measuring program of the RIVM, the Dutch organization for inquiries of health and environment. Utrecht_ de Dom_sequentie_geheel klein

Darkness monitoring
At the Southside of the city Utrecht, two light measuring devices were installed in October 2009.
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