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All sky pictures

Blue pins: all sky pictures
Yellow pins: all sky pictures with sky luminance

The all sky pictures are made at clear moonless nights with the sun more than 18 degrees under the horizon. The pictures represent the whole sky, the horizon included. Orientation is as on a map: north above, east to the right, south under and west to the left. The point above your head is the center of the picture.

The pictures are all made by a Nikon 8400 with fisheye lens. Set up: 1 minute exposure time, f/3.1 diaphragm; 100 or 400 ASA ISO speed. The yellow pins indicate all sky pictures, in which the luminance is indicated in different colors.

Yellow pins are the same all sky pictures, at which the luminance of the sky is represented in different colors. The graduation scale is also included. For a explanation of the method to tranform the colors of the all sky photo's: Download

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