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Artificial light at night, accomplishment or nuisance?

Over the past century electric light has brought us much joy. We can travel at night, work and we feel more sewcure, because dark places are well lit. However, the same light can also be a nuisance: glaring headlights, stars which are invisible, animals dying from exhaustion and for a only a few drivers roads are lit up the whole night. The significant amount of energy used for lighting is increasingly seen as a problem.

Sotto le Stelle is the only company in the Netherlands specialized in all aspects of light nuisance: from measuring and modelling to advice and information. Sotto le Stelle supports governments, companies and citizens who wish to reduce light nuisance. Sotto le Stelle intends to be the main light nuisance knowledge centre in the Netherlands.

Sotto le Stelle brings the balance between light and darkness
From an Alterra report (2005):

20% of the Dutch population want to abolish the night;
80% of the Dutch believe that darkness is important to nature;
63% of the Dutch think that darkness is important to the quality of sleep;
83% of the Dutch believe that darkness is important to the beauty of the stars.

Advertisements are a source of nuisance to
27% of the population, 16% in the case of greenhouses and 25%in the case of traffic.

Sotto le Stelle,