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How dark is it in the Netherlands?

Bring the balance between light and darkness

Counts, making pictures and measures

Wim Schmidt of Sotto le Stelle supports governments, who want to diminish the excess of light. Sotto maps the night. How dark is it on your territory? How many lamps are there and where? Sotto counts, makes photo's, measures and judges. Sotto delivers data in form of pictures, maps and charts, which you can use to draft a light and darkness policy.

A measure of darkness: how many stars can you see?
A specialty of Sotto le Stelle is to determine how dark it is in the Netherlands. For a couple of provinces and municipalities Sotto le Stelle has made maps of the amount of darkness. Can you see still the stars? It depends on the amount of light which radiate from the wide surroundings into the sky. To determine this, Wim uses calibrated equipment and some special camera's. The results are processed in maps and pictures on which the whole night sky is depicted with a graduation scale.
Sotto le Stelle is innovative
Light pollution is a new and rather unknown area. Wim Schmidt is a pioneer who has thought out new concepts and solutions to tackle this problem.

Ambassador of the night
Often Wim Schmidt is asked as expert for different parties to give advice. It varies from light pollution of greenhouses or milk barns to a new exhibition in a new museum.

How darker it is, the more special is the light

Sotto works with the following methods:

Measuring light in a location

making pictures of the night

Making a map of the light sources

Making a map of the darkness

Sotto le Stelle,